Album: Lost Souls






Album Credits

1. Lost Souls (feat. Fresco Trey) - Red On The Beat  x Samuel C Harris x Thomas Crager

2. Daylight (feat. Kanye West) - Ojivolta x 88-Keys x E.vax x Kanye West 

3. Lesson Learned - Tyree Hawkins x Nathan Butts 

4. Do Not Disturb (feat. Nav and Yung Bleu) - Young Martey 

5. Channel Fix (feat. Landstrip Chip) - Section 8 x Chi Chi x Noah Pettigrew 

6. Happy Birthday 2 U - Nathan Butts x Tyree Hawkins

7. CWR Interlude - Sonus030 x Bass Charity

8. Mind Games - Smash DavidFRAXILLE x JW Lucas

9. I.J.S - Khristopher Riddick-Tynes x Bass Charity x BLK Beats

10. Believe in Me - Boogzdabeast x Amaire Johnson x Smash David x Pooh Beatz x Figurez Made It

11. Lost Angels - Akxen x TT Audi

12. Fuck Being Famous (feat. BEAM) - Nathan Butts x Tyree Hawkins x BEAM 

13. Cindy’s Interlude (BS Again) - Tyree Hawkins x Nathan Butts

14. Project Baby - Boi-1da x Matthew Barnett x Young Martey

15. Dark Clouds - OG Parker x Smash DavidPooh Beatz x FNZ x Boogzdabeast

16. Not My Friends - Dougie

17. Wallo Speaks - Smash David x Figurez Made It

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