Album: Green Flag Activity






Album Credits

1. All Day Lurkin [feat. Quando Rondo] - Vickyferribeats x Cubanojam x A17 x GD Beats

2. Gang Baby [feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Rojay MLP, RJAE, & P Yungin] - Dzimi x JuanRa x Saucy Beats 

3. Soul Snatcher [feat. NBA Herm & Big B] - JContheBeat x Dylan Cooking Hits

4. Green Flag Activity [feat. Lil Dump] - K4ProducedIt x TyrellMadeThis x Keno

5. I Go [feat. Big B & P Yungin] - Vickyferribeats x Whois7even x SOULM8

6. Misguided [feat. Rojay MLP & NoCap] - Greg Sekeres x IndiaGotThemBeats

7. Sexin Me [feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again] - BrandoBeatz

8. In The Dark [feat. Quando Rondo] - Yakree x CxbGoCrazy

9. Never Ran [feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again & Rojay MLP] - Yung Tago

10. Pull Up Actin [feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again & P Yungin] - DJ Trebble

11. Puff [feat. NBA Herm] - 247 Ant

12. To My Haters [feat. Whogangdee] - Juppybeats x 3xTharaWest

13. Warrior [feat. RJAE] - Whois7even x Prod Lovesick x DVOSK

14. Two Hunnid [feat. Big B, NoCap, & BWAY Yungy] - Audio Jacc x VenoTheBuilder

15. Turnt Up [feat. Whogangdee] - Benz x TreFromTha8

16. Water [feat. Meechy Baby] - 4sp.playboy

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