Album: Face of The What



Sha EK




Album Credits

1. Who You Touch (Ft. Bandmanrill) - EMRLD BEATS

2. Ain't Drop in a Minute - BsBeats x Grks x Willypropane

3. Never Want to be Them - 083chee x J1 GTB

4. Who Punchin' - EMRLD BEATS x Soldado

5. New Opps - Young Madz x 083chee

6. Story Time - 083chee x J1 GTB

7. New Heat - J1 GTB x Manu Productions

8. Difference Between (Ft. SleazyWorld Go) - Yoshi x EMRLD BEATS x Lucabeats x alaunyc

9. Shot in the Party - Young Madz x 083chee

10. TOO OPPY - BeatsBySin x Jimmyleanbeatz

11. Shake That - Mako x Joe Stanley x Andrei Andrei

12. No Lettin Up - J1 GTB x Mathew Kelly

13. One in the Head - HBEATSMUSIC x LeTurtle

14. Don't Forget That - Nicodeemi x Stepupz x Soldado x EMRLD BEATS x GOLDSPACE

15. Been On Hots - Zi Vocals x Yoshi x Yozora

16. Beat the Odds - Ivprod x Cito on the Beat

17. We Droppin' (Ft. PGF Nuk) - Ransom Beats  x Zkbeatz x 083chee










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